Youth and Young Adults

Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church Youth and Young Adult Ministries reach out to expose youth and young adults to the love of Jesus Christ. The ministry supports and guides youth and young adults as they discover meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ and others. Ministry participants are encouraged to develop a deeper faith & dependence on God, and to honor God through Discipleship, Service and Worship. The Ministry plans fellowship activities which seek to equip Youth and Young Adults for practical living and leadership in society. The Young Adult Ministry provides Christ-centered support and fellowship to the Young Adults of our church and community. As young adults, we face decisions on careers, lifestyles, and values that can significantly impact the rest of our lives. Through this ministry, we strive to help one another meet these challenges. We seek to strengthen and build our relationship with God, our families, and the church. This ministry is open to all young adults aged 18 – 30. The Teen Ministry exists to promote healthy, spiritual, wholesome activities which encourages teens to grow in faith. We achieve this by developing meaningful relationships with adults and peers through fellowship, and by deepening our experience in the Christian life through worship and discipleship. Ministry participants are encouraged to discover a saving relationship with God and to grow through study, activities, and service. This ministry is open to all youth aged 13 – 17. The Children’s Ministry designs, develops, and implements programs to spiritually enrich our children. We teach them how to apply the Word of God to their lives. We strive to cultivate our Christian calling through age appropriate study, activities, and service. This ministry is open to all youth aged 3 –12.

Loving One Another Unconditionally

Faithful in Attendance to Church Worship Services

Committed to Serving God

Dedicated to the Study of God's Word